My First Blog Post

There is no guide for inventors, they create their own path.

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.


I always wait for vacation, to have a lot of fun.

To spend the day lying on the bed, and have the sudden feeling to get up and run.

I always wait for vacation, to read an interesting book.

To make a mess in the kitchen, and proudly call myself a cook.

I always wait for vacation, to quickly join some camps.

To be a junior philatelist, and gather postage stamps.

I always wait for vacation, to read a fiction story.

to wonder in the world of fantasy, and accompany a beautiful fairy.

I always wait for vacation, to be a flower and bloom.

To imagine myself as a witch, and travel around the world on a broom.

A wonderful time of the year it is, with no regrets and tension

And that’s the reason why I always wait for vacation.

Love for dance – Chapter 1- Hopping on the beats.

The major reason why I crave to participate in school annual days is to be able to enjoy with the school’s kindergarten kids on the backstage. Their teachers bring them on the backstage just 10 minutes before their performance. Almost 40-50 kids arrive over there for 4 to 5 different performances because the teachers and the choreographers both don’t dare to send all of them at the same time on stage . Looking at their energy when they all are together, we can’t even imagine in our wildest dreams that how terribly chaotic it would be to see them perform all together on a single stage.

The minute they arrive on the backstage, following each other in a straight row , it seems to be more disciplined and organised than the row of ants. Each of them is bound to hold the hand of each other and yet there is this confused child the group that gets lost.

The most picturesque seen is when 10 to 15 of the kids are sent on stage;the song is played; the choreographer gives a sigh of relief watching them perform well ;and all of a sudden gets shocked to see the rest of the 30-40 kids dancing on the same song on the backstage and is not aware of who taught them that. And the best part is that they do it better than the way they perform on the song assigned to them.

Another reason why I love to spend time with them is to figure out who lies in which category of dancers.

The two categories of them are as follows: 1) Those kids who are really fond of dancing. 2) Those kids having moms who expect their child to be best at everything.

Whatever it is, it is impossible to stop them from dancing (basically jumping and hopping here and there) when the music start. These little enthusiasts make me recollect a very special talent of mine which I would like to share in ‘Chapter 2’ of ‘Love for dance’.

Mirror mirror on the wall..

Mirror mirror on the wall, describing everyone from giant to elf.

Has it ever looked into the mirror and how does it describes itself?

Does the mirror on the wall only show what it wants to be seen?

Or does it ever try to reflect the truth that lies within?

Is it really able to decide who is the most pretty?

Do you think was it the one to differentiate between the Beast and the Beauty?

Who is the one beyond the mirror, judging the looks of one and all?

Is he or she to judgemental with a heart that’s small?

Hi! I am your suicide plan.

“Hey! How are you? Hope you are doing well. Oh sorry, I mean to say that I hope you are ready, aren’t you? Didn’t you score low grades in your exam. That’s the reason why I am here today. What? Are you asking who I am? Din’t you recognise me? I am the first one to meet you whenever you fail. Each time you commit a mistake, don’t you think of me – your suicide plan. Alright! Let’s not beat around the bush. You have scored a really poor grade, which means that I am soon going to be implemented. But please don’t be worried. Even if you think that you are making a huge decision, to be very honest, it does not bother either the world or me. My execution will just result in a breaking news for one single day and add to another success of mine. Then I will leave you and accommodate myself in another timid mind and then after his or her death, shift to the next. This cycle won’t end. By now you must have realised that I am perpetual and I am existing since for the first time humans developed the fear of failure . But I don’t want to be such a serial killer anymore. This cycle of deaths is in need to be transformed into a cycle of hope and this is in your hands.”

The smaller picture.

It is said that the beauty of the world lies within the eyes of the onlooker. The approach of a person towards life depends upon whether he is looking at the smaller or the bigger picture of life. The more you look at the bigger picture, all you can find is an unclear visualisation of your stereotypical and materialistic needs, wants, desired possessions which gives you a broad idea of the world around but the narrow vision of your own self. On the other hand, when you just look at the smaller frame of your life, it seems to appear more clear than the bigger one. It does not comprise of the practical wants and desired possessions; but the impractical, non-realistic but completely motivated dreams & aspirations to reach at a position where you strongly wish to be. You keep exploring not just the world around but the minute, beautiful details of you in that smaller picture. It’s okay at times to be subconscious. It’s alright to not pay heed to what’s going out in the world around and only look at, what you want to look at. It’s fine to believe in your ability even when you don’t have it. This strong belief in your capability will let you live happily. There’s nothing wrong in self – obsession because it’s you and only you who can look at the smaller, clear and beautiful picture of your life.

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